How to put the content into a form…

Based on our Form/Content lecture I thought more about how to convey the content I gather into an interesting form.

The content I hopefully end up with is as follows:

– Interview –> audio mp3

– Old image –> digital copy (image)

– Selfie –> shot with iPhone (image)

So far I’ve come to the conclusion that to bring this content together into an interesting form I would need to create a website on which I can combine all these things and make them work in an interesting way.

It will be a simple website displaying the images (equal squares), which will be underlined by an audio.

I envision a collection of the old black and white portraits titled with name of the person and age, which when clicked enlarge and reveal the audio about the memory the person has of the image, their own or the one they’ve been told.

The image then goes back into the smaller version but changes into the modern selfie of the same person. I think this little surprise factor could be quite entertaining. When clicked again, it reveals the new audio talking about the experience of taking a selfie, what they think about it etc.

At the end, when all people have been clicked you look at this new modern collection consisting of selfies.

It can have a return button, so that all images go back to the old black and white version.

The page also includes a short introduction into the project.



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