Where are all the old people?



Right, only about three weeks left until the assets are due. To create content I need people.

First two confirmed people who are willing to participate in my project are my project partner’s boyfriend’s stepdad and my project partner’s boyfriend’s mum’s friend (ha, got that?!). Which is great, thanks Annie!

Hopefully I can meet up with them this Sunday already to take the interview, which would give me a good start and also help to develop ideas further. As my audio shouldn’t be too long (around 2-5 minutes I thought) I don’t want to ask too many questions. In the next couple of days I will think them through in more depth and will post here.

With the first image I would like to mainly focus on the memory and the image taking process and with the selfie about the actual feeling it created and what they think about these new devices and constant self representation. But I’ll get it more clear before I take the interview. Also from our last project I learned that after the first interviews there will always happen some fine tuning, getting the questions right and even maybe shifting the focus. So I want to use these two interviews as an opportunity to exactly do that.

I also asked other people I know and am waiting for responses. In the meanwhile I looked up caring homes in Bristol and will contact them too.

Some have social evenings, board game afternoon’s etc., that would be a nice opportunity to establish some contacts and see who would be willing to participate.

There are a lot of caring homes listed on this site:


One I’d like to get in touch with is the Salvation Army which is quite accessible and social:


So far for now with the old people hunt.


(God, I just tried to find a feature image for this post looking for “hidden granny” – don’t ever google that in images!)



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