Intro footage testing

Based on our last tutorial and the suggestion to have a short clip that shows the physicality of the old image and the duplicity of the digital image I tried shooting some intro footage for the b/w photograph with a Canon 60D and kit lens 18-55mm.

The Media Centre doesn’t have any Macro lenses for this camera so I first wanted to see how it looks with this one and then try out the Nikon with a Macro lens.

I don’t think it’s too bad, the autofocus get’s a bit funny at times and I tried manual focus too. The depth of field is giving the image a nice dimension and the focus/blurriness enforces to viewer to “investigate” and explore the image more.

The handheld effect can be smoothened out with a camera frame which I will try out next, otherwise I need to find a way of doing it with a tripod, though getting up close will be a bit trickier.

Here are the examples:


I would need to do a similar video with the phone screen scrolling through the gallery and selecting the actual selfie. I thought about also maybe scrolling through the gallery, selecting the selfie, and then going to an image editor app and apply certain filters to it making it look like the “typical” selfie rich in colour, blurred edges etc. and use that as last frame.


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