Third interview done

On Wednesday I took my third interview with Judith, John’s wife.

She had a great collection of b/w images too and lot’s to tell. The image I selected was of her holding her pet cat on a special day when a German girl came to visit her family. her grandfather took the images and she could remember great detail about the day and how it was taken. Like the other too she didn’t like the selfie taking, her main reason was “ageing” and “looking old” – something she wouldn’t like to document or see.

judy hi res

At their place I could also take the video footage of the images, photo album, rooms and them taking the selfie. I also got them to do more selfies for a small collection on the phone that can be filmed (scrolling, selecting image, editing etc.).

We then met Thea again to take video footage at her’s and she did more selfies too.

I like the idea of showing the more personal things like where they live or what they have on their walls, decorations etc. and also include them when they take the selfies.



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