Video assets

This is my video footage I took, shot with a Canon60D and Kit Lens using manual focus.
Unfortunately we only had limited time on that day, John was about to get a hip injection and had to shoot off with Judith and Thea lived further away so we had to drive out there, take the footage and come back as Annie had to get back to Frome for work.
I couldn’t really hang around and try out a lot of things with various settings, also because I was in someone else’s house and you don’t want to push it too hard really.
Still, I think I could take enough footage to work with and cut together.
The footage is quite shaky because I didn’t have a tripod and the frame didn’t help at all but there are also parts I can definitely use especially when edited, slowed down and cut together nicely.

I wanted to film the photos laid out on the table or stuck in the photo album but also capture the atmosphere and the decorations in the room that give insight into the person’s background or personality. These include:

Judith: funny birthday card, painting of her mum, illustrations on the wall
John: books, ship, photos from the army, painting of his great-great-grandfather
Thea: her cat, illustration of Sydney Harbour

To demonstrate the physicality of the images, with Judith I chose to just show the images laid out on the table, then John has his very lovely photo album which I explored a little and focused on his father’s illustration, notes and John’s baby hair and Thea’s photos I arranged in a chronological line from a very young age till her 20’s (the image she talks about and turns over at the end). I also captured the writings and stamps on the back of the photos which I discovered later, a nice little feature to show.

I especially like the natural light and the details, also the focus/out-of-focus can work quite well in some cases.


John’s video footage

Judith’s video footage

Thea’s video footage


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