Assets Reflection

As the project has taken on an additional medium (video) interviewing and taking footage of 6 people, like initially thought, would be a bit too much – hence why 4 people is now the maximum.

Now I need to decide what to do with the material I have. After the last tutorial creating a video project became an option, instead of creating a web project. This depends on whether I want to put the effort into learning Flash to make it all work or whether I just want to focus on working with Premiere (something I already know) and create a short video.

Putting the material together on a website would just be a form of presentation, there is no interactivity in what I imagined. This is why it might also work as a video project as form of presenting it. Listening back to the interviews I found that there are a lot of great reactions and thoughts my interviewees had and that could underline the footage in quite a nice way.

If I’m doing the website I still need to cut the video together and arrange it in an appealing way, editing it, cutting it and applying effects like slowing it down, stabilising etc.

Creating a website additionally to that might be quite a lot but I will find out once I have another tutorial with Phil to actually get a site together and make it work.

Depending on what I do I would need one more person to interview.

I think for a video 3 people is enough because if it’s more than three voices it might be a bit confusing to listen to. That means if I wanted to do the video I actually already have all my material gathered (unless I want to add something visually to it).

If it’s on a website though, 4 people would give it a good balance, preferably with another male. That is my next thing to decide and work on.



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