First test edits of the video footage

As part of my post production process I started editing my video footage. As it is quite shaky I have started to try out and apply editing tools to it – one being the Warp Stabilizer and the other the Speed/Duration option.

Premiere won’t allow me to apply both at the same time, so I had to play around with it, trying to first apply one of them, export and then apply the other – also trying it with After Effects.

It turned out that because I shot in 25fps the Speed/Duration didn’t work smoothly, the visuals started jumping which left me to the conclusion to firstly only apply the Warp Stabilizer for each and every clip and see what it does to the footage.

Some bits that I applied the Warp Stabilizer to worked very smoothly and nice, with others it created a strange wobble effect in the background. So I really just have to go from one clip to the other and see if it works or not.

I created a short sample video of some stabilized clips, always showing the original first and then followed by the stabilised version. For example the postcard clip, I think, looks great as well as the photo closeup (especially the zooming out of it) and the zooming in into the room as an opening shot. The last clip in the video didn’t work quite as well, it has the wobble effect in the background and I think the original footage works better than the edited one.

As for the slow-motion, I will need to see which clips need slowing down and I need to find another way of creating slow-motion than just changing the Speed/Duration.

Here’s a very good tutorial I watched to trouble-shoot my problem:

It explains different ways of slowing down footage and also addresses how these can work with 25fps footage.


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