Decided on video & what’s next

After trying out to test edit the footage and realising that the Image Stabilizer is doing quite a good job at putting it out as something usable I’ve decided to definitely focus on Premiere and making a video than a web project.
Because editing the footage will be time consuming and will take a lot of detail focusing on just one program and “flowing” with it seems more appropriate.

This leaves me with a reverse approach to making a video/film project though. As I didn’t really plan to take any video at all at the beginning and then developed the idea further and further, I actually took the video footage as something that will be implemented in the website, something that undermines the interviews – not something that is standing on its own at the end (like a “video only” project would do).
That is also why, when I met up with the interviewees a second time to take the footage, I didn’t have a storyboard or a clear vision of the shots in mind as you usually would for a film project. I knew that I wanted to mainly capture the physicality of the photographs as we discussed in our tutorial and the people taking the selfie. Additionally to that I also filmed the rooms and details at their home (luckily I did that so I ended up with a lot more footage which I can now use!).
It is not just the footage though, I also took the audio as “free standing” interviews. When I took them I thought about each person having their own little audio profile, with one short clip talking about the old image and another short clip reflecting about the new selfie experience. Now, I need to interlink the people for my video project, I need to create my storyboard from what I have not from what I’m planning to still record knowing exactly what I want.

So it is all a bit of a reverse approach, with the interviews and video footage I now have to create something interesting, link it all well together and create an interesting narrative.
This is what I need to do next, listen to the audio again and again and filter out what I want to include in the video (which I think will be around 5 min. long) to slowly create a narrative and from there add the visuals.


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