Another idea


I was talking to a good friend the other day who is involved in a Braille project for blind people here in Bristol and I got very interested in it.

They held a Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio not long ago where they explained why Braille literacy among blind people is decreasing and how a new device they are developing could help.

You can read a write up of the key points here:

With the previous reflection I did about my projects, I came to the conclusion that maybe for my last project it would be better not to venture off too far from the things I have already learned and done but instead stick with my main focus on people and apply similar methods. This way I feel confident about creating another substantial project without running the risk to become too experimental.

Blind people have always fascinated me, back in school I went to an installation organised by blind people called “Dialogue in the Dark”, where you had to find your way around pitch dark rooms which imitated certain surroundings, like nature and the city. It was such an interesting experience and being able to experience only for a short moment how it might be to completely have to live without one of our senses (and probably the most used one) was astonishing. It also showed me how, once we can’t see anymore, we all of a sudden have to tune into our other senses and become much more aware of things that we might have otherwise missed.

I know that through my friend I could get access to some blind people from the Braillist group with whom I could do interviews, so again I would gather content (and inspiration) from other people to create my project.

Now the only question is what do I want to explore? And how?


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