Slowly pinning it down


I’ve been thinking about the four ideas I had and did a mind map pointing out the pro’s and con’s of each idea. I  came to the conclusion that I felt most strong and passionate about exploring blind people as subject – as I think it is something I can learn a lot from and possibly convey that into something that others can also take something away from. Maybe it could even be somehow beneficial for the blind people or the Braille project drawing attention to certain aspects they are currently facing.

Although the other three ideas certainly had their potential I couldn’t really “feel” myself into them, I didn’t quite know how substantial or strong the piece could turn out and also whether it adds anything useful to the dialogue I want to create between the viewer and the subject. Something that really helped in my decision making process was to think about my portfolio and the sort of thing I’d like to show to others or present. Not just what message I want to get across but rather if the viewer can learn something new or be confronted with a different angle which he/she hasn’t thought about before. Also, I like the fact that the project would be about a “minority” group, which still has to “defend” its place in society and “fight” for many improvements to make their life easier. Often these things are very simple changes but somehow it is very easy to overlook them.

I started to watch youtube videos about blind people and came across this very lovely and funny guy called Tommy Edison, who created a youtube channel called “The Tommy Edison XP” in which he answers questions people ask him about being blind. He does it in such a light hearted and positive way and at the same time it is very informative. There are so many subjects he talks about, from the more obvious things like how to use a blind stick or how to write Braille to more personal things like what do blind people find attractive or how do they learn how to smile.

I think I watched about 30 videos and it really gave me such an interesting insight and a good starting point to think about possible ways to explore their world and somehow be creative.


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