The issue with Braille



After reading an information sheet my friend gave me (created by the Canadian Braille Literacy Foundation) I realised the importance of Braille and thought that I should also incorporate it somehow and not only create a visual project but also a “dialogue” which both can understand and possibly benefit from. Of course a visual project can always draw some attention but I would also like that blind people can somehow “read” the images – I don’t just want to “use” them for my project but want to include them. How I will do this I’m not sure, I could possibly print braille onto the photographs or at least “translate” the descriptions both focus groups gave so they can both read the descriptions. It is definitely something that I don’t want to leave out, I’d like to make a connection to Braille and the issue with literacy.

I am aware though that the project I’m making is not “designed” for blind people – otherwise there wouldn’t be any visual content of course. I am aiming to convey something that people didn’t know about (just like me when I read the information sheet) and my main focus is to create a greater awareness amongst the majority (sighted) about a minority (blind).


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