Testing the discovery pen – Egypt

Experiencing the Egyptian section with the Discovery Pen was very different to the French collection. I think mainly because I could really see the abundance of objects in the cases and noticed that in the audio only very few were described. This is because, as Paul mentioned, people only have limited time and can’t stand there for hours learning about each and every object. This information is available for the sighted visitor though, through the touch screens where one can click on every object and learn where it came from, what it is made of etc.

In this section I missed a bit of the “descriptive” character in the audio, many times not even the colour or shape were mentioned. For example the jewellery in the After Life section, I would have expected them to at least say how rusty the objects are and if they were broken or not, or how the “chess” board looked like. This would really add to the experience of looking at very ancient objects and one could create a better image of how these objects looked like.

Maybe because it is more based on history and the Egyptian culture, the facts and background information are more relevant than how the objects look like.









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