Project idea development – Mindmap

I have created an online mind map to better organise my thoughts about the different areas of interest and the potential outcome regarding my project.


Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-25 um 13.19.39


Basically there are three main areas I have outlined through the research I’ve done and my interview with Paul.

1) Reading and writing – this draws on the ability and skills of Braille literacy as well as the technological devices blind people use and how technology has affected their life (positive and negative), which is something that can be seen in a bigger context of how technology has affected our lives too

2) Journey into blindness – this would focus on someone who has lost their sight, a personal insight into this journey, the transitioning into a new way of perceiving the world, the memories of how things looked like and how they are perceived now

3) The everyday life – this would address various aspects of the everyday life of a blind person, how they perceive and do things differently, which “devices” they use differently or additionally, their way of “seeing” the world around them and their interaction with it


Whilst thinking about these topics and how I could turn them into a project I inevitably thought about the medium and came to the conclusion that VIDEO would be the best medium to use.

I am using personal accounts to create the narrative/story and video as medium enables the viewer to occupy someone else’s view/mind and getting an insight. Based on my methodology and the structure I have used last year it makes sense to build on that.


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