Decided on the “Everyday” idea

To be able to combine a variety of things I decided to go with the idea of the everyday life of a blind person.

I feel there is a lot I can include, also aspects from the two others areas of interest, whilst making it a broader and more interesting piece of documentation of how someone goes through their everyday without being able to see.

What mainly made me decide on this idea, is that the other two areas (Reading & Writing / Journey into blindness) are quite “narrow” or abstract and that when I think about a blind person the main thing that interests me is how they perceive things and how their everyday life looks like. Which funnily brings me back to my starting point from which I departed.

The fascination with the other, and to me a person that has been blind from birth IS different, is something that I’m also looking into with my dissertation as well as the everyday, so I feel it is a good choice to explore this in my Intensive Production project.

Because only 1% of blind people have been blind from birth they built a very small minority of our society and this is probably also why I am so interested in exploring their life more, because they are people for whom their “blindness” is a normality, they’ve never known anything else, so their perception of the world is very different to ours, yet to them it is completely normal.

It is very different to a person which becomes blind, as they are “loosing” something and have to make “new” sense of their environment.

I envision my project more like a portrayal or an interpretation rather than a critical or observational documentary.

As I have already established a contact to Paul, who has been blind from birth, and he was very willing to meet up for more interviews and help out I feel I have found a good access point and someone who can give me an insight into his world. He is a very active person and also very up to date with the newest technology, which would be interesting to explore. His wife is also blind (from birth), so maybe it would be possible to also interview her as to gain another view and maybe even draw on “female” topics.



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