One sentence:

A video project exploring the life of a blind person that has been blind from birth through a personal account and re-created visuals showing their everyday life.


The project aims to give the viewer an insight into the different life a blind person leads that has been blind from birth. Though there maybe many commonalities, there are also many differences regarding the way a blind person navigates through their everyday tasks and their perception of the world. The base for the project builds a personal interview with someone who has been blind from birth, questioning and exploring various aspects of life which then will be re-created visually.


“Everyday life can both hide and make vivid a range of social differences”, Ben Highmore points out in Questioning the  Everyday Life. Being blind from birth is not just a physical difference (or disability if you’d like to call it) but is lived out in a social and cultural context, therefore it also becomes a social difference. Our modern Western world is slowly acknowledging disability, from making public spaces more disability friendly to a broader context of seeing disability not as a lack of something but a different way of living a life equally worth to everybody else’s.

The project is set out to show that being “disabled” doesn’t actually mean to not be able to do something but rather shines a light on the abilities and differences a blind person has. This is achieved through re-constructing the personal account of “living blind” which will be sourced out through an interview and then transformed into visual footage that supports the narrative. The footage will be gathered through different sources, one is filming the blind person doing certain tasks like reading and writing, but also re-constructing other things that will come out of the interview.

I am especially interested in the different ways in which a blind person makes sense of their surrounding, their perception and the many ways in which they navigate through their daily life, also using modern technologies such as phone apps and other devices.

The project should challenge the perception we have of living a “disabled” life by showing a different reality which is full of sensations and ability and I hope to achieve a way of celebrating these differences by showing them in a beautiful way, yet also creating an informative backdrop.


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