Yes, yes, yes!

So today I had my meeting with Paul and it went FANTASTIC!

I am really happy that he is willing to collaborate and he said that he is very excited about it all.

I proposed my idea and he thinks it’s great! He is not camera shy at all, so he gave me permission to film the interview, film him doing all sorts of things and he also invited me to his house to meet his wife and interview her too and even ask questions about their relationship. Which also gives me the opportunity to actually take footage of his home (the spice rack! Ha!) – I couldn’t be happier! Paul rocks!

We set the date for the 17th as he is on leave from mid of next week and very busy until then. This also gives me time to prepare well for it over the next week.

I will send him the questions in advance over the weekend so he can have a look at them and I also told him that I’m of course completely open to ideas and suggestions from his side.

We also made two points very clear:

  • He is not representing “blind people”, I am solely interested in him as an individual that has a different reality to mine which I’d like to capture and I don’t want him to feel like he is representative of any group of people. He said that he actually is a “bad” example of a blind person in terms of representation because he has been blind from birth (only 1% are), he reads and writes Braille (only 1% do), he has a guide dog (very few blind people have) and he is employed (only 25% are).
  • Then he said that the only thing he really doesn’t want it to be is patronising, like “Oh look they are so amazing they are blind and can do all these things” which I said to him really is not my approach towards this project. I believe there is a natural human interest in the other and just like I focused on the experiences of foreigners in my second year and the opinions of senior citizens in my last project I am now interested in him as someone who might have a different view on things than I do. I aim to show an honest portrayal which actually he creates not me through the interview and the things he says.

So now I have to think about a good set of questions, I will actually do a little “survey” amongst our Intensive Production group to see which topics they would find interesting and especially brainstorm together with Annie. I will also continue to read On Sight and Insight as it might give me some inspiration (though it’s about someone who lost their sight, he talks about the “different world” he’s in now..).

I will study more examples of alternative documentaries (and movies too) to get together a shot list and get a clearer picture of how I’d like the video to look like. I’d like to go into the interview already with an outline of how the video will be built as I don’t think I get another chance to film in their home (and actually don’t want to invade again).

I know I can always meet up again with Paul if I have another question I’d like him to answer but in terms of filming I want to have everything captured in one go (at least the things I want to show as “reality”).


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