Interview questions

On Tuesday I will have my interview with Paul and his wife at their house. These are the interview questions I want to ask and through our conversation there will be more additional questions that arise, so this is more of a guideline.


Interview Questions

Memory / Childhood

  • What is your earliest memory? Can you describe it?

  • When and how did you realise that you were blind?

  • Tell me about your upbringing (surrounding, parents, school, hobbies etc.)

  • How was your way into independency?


  • How did you learn to read and write?

  • What can you tell me about Braille and your engagement with it?


  • How would you describe your experience of being blind?

  • What does “seeing” mean to you?

  • Are your other senses enhanced in comparison to sighted people and if so, how do you know? (Example..)

  • Which things are more difficult for you to understand because you can’t grasp them visually?

  • Which things are easier for you to understand?

  • And what role plays association or interpretation? (Concept of colour for example..)


  • How is your concept of time?

  • Do you use any tools which help you and if so, which? (Computer, apps..)

  • What would you call your everyday? (Work, routines, hobbies..)

  • Which type of work is offered to blind people?

  • Which places do you enjoy going to and which places do you avoid? Why?

  • How do you dream?


  • How did you meet each other?

  • Are you interested in appearance at all?

  • What are your thoughts about the concept of “love is blind”?

  • What differences/similarities are there when comparing being together with a sighted person or a blind person?


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