How did it go?

My interview with Paul went very well, we ended up spending 4 hours at their house!

After an initial cup of tea and a bit of chitchat we sat down to do the interview. I took out a Tascam and Zoom for audio recording, a JVC + tripod to film the interview and a Canon 60D for taking pictures.

I sent Paul the questions the weekend before so he could prepare, he is a very chatty guy and had lots of interesting thing to say.

Annie and me set up the camera and positioned Paul so when he was facing me during the interview he’d be framed correctly. Because he doesn’t see the camera this was important! Annie was checking on the camera whilst the interview was running and I was listening to the Zoom audio on the headphones. I tested the audio equipment before doing the interview at home and outside and found that the Zoom captures a more natural sound, less “hollow” and as I didn’t know how Paul’s house will be I tested it also there and still found that the Zoom sounded better. To be double-sure though I also recorded on the Tascam.

The Zoom was also more handy to capture audio whilst being in motion, so for example when Hazel was showing me around the kitchen. It is less sensitive in picking up the sound of my own hand holding it (because of its plastic body) which means the audio result is cleaner. Whilst I was following them with the Zoom and recorded the things they said and did, Annie had the Canon to take snap shots which I will use for my visual memory and descriptions. This was important as for example the kitchen had a few interesting adaptations and there were objects I have never seen before (the water measurer for example!) so without the pictures it would be hard to describe them now. There were also tools and devices they use which are specifically designed for blind people, like the bedside clock or the Penfriend. Additionally we took photos of the house and the rooms, to describe the location.

The afternoon went as follows:

– Tea & chitchat

– Interview with Paul

– Paul going through his tools and devices, also a demonstration of using the Brailler

– Interview with Paul & Hazel with questions about partnership

– Hazel showing us around the kitchen

– Watching TV to see how the descriptions for blind people work in films, they showed us examples of recorded programs

– Listening to the e-book reader Hazel (mainly) uses

There were quite a few disruptions due to Hazel being called or receiving text messages, because obviously they both rely on sound these were things that couldn’t just be turned silent so sometimes we had to pause and record again. The dogs were a bit noisy too, I took off Islas collar because it had a bell on but Elsie often started to snore underneath the table.

Time flew by and all in all I feel I have definitely gathered enough footage to work with now … PLENTY!



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