Next things to do

After gathering the footage for my asset submission I will now have to carefully listen back to the interview and select the parts that I find most interesting and that I can link and interweave with each other to create a narrative.

I will do it like I did with my last project, which is using Audition and cutting out the bits I find interesting, colouring and titling them so I know what they are about – that way I have a better overview.

Once I know which bits are most relevant and interesting to learn about I have to find a way of connecting them and that might as well be through a second person (possibly me) acting as narrator, I need to test this. I will definitely have to capture more sound to go with the audio, but as this depends on the clips I choose to use I will start doing this once the “story” stands. When I listened back to the interview I thought that I might not actually need any linear narrative, I can do a composition of various different aspects Paul mentions – almost like a mosaic of experiences and insights.

Additionally to working on the audio and narrative I also need to look into examples of use of text in films, subtitles in particular. If I want to include text I have to look further than just the plain and ordinary subtitle at the bottom of the screen, there are many different creative ways in which text can play a role on the screen from emerging in different ways to forming shapes, even fonts give different associations.

One thing that struck me after I listened back to the interview was that Paul actually used to see contrasts in black and white. I thought he doesn’t have any visual recollection of the world, instead he mentioned that he used to see dark on light or light on dark background and that when he thinks of Braille as a script he still visualises the shapes in different shades of grey. As my film is exploring Paul’s world this might be interesting to incorporate so instead of just having a black screen I could create some sort of abstract motion in black and white or animate the text.


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