An Afternoon with Paul & Hazel

After listening to the footage again I thought that the best thing to do would be to not try to put the audio into some sort of ‘abstract’ narrative but actually stick to the interview situation as it was, which means presenting it as the experience I had spending an afternoon with Paul and Hazel.

Of course I can’t include the whole interview and still have to pick out the most interesting and relevant parts, yet I can do so without interrupting the natural flow of things. This approach would also mean that I, as the interviewer, would be present, I’d like to narrate and for the viewer to listen to the questions I asked. A sort of normal interview situation, yet the visuals + effects don’t reveal much to the eyes of the viewer.

The rough order of things would be:

– Intro / black screen / telling the viewer where we are… Dining room, paintings on the wall, Paul sitting in front of me, Hazel siting on the armchair in the living room next door… This is to situate the viewer and also to capture the attention (30 – 45 seconds)

– 3-4 excerpts of Paul’s answers to the questions I asked, giving a more personal insight into the experience of being blind (1-1.5 min.)

– 2-3 devices he uses (Braille machine, light/colour detector, bedside clock), we can hear him telling me how they work, then my part would be to describe how they look like to give the viewer a visual impression (2 min.)

– Kitchen tour, Hazel showing the adapted things they have in the kitchen, again me describing how the ‘special tools’ look like (1 min.)

– Outro / face to black / One final thing .. One last thing Paul says which sums it up, a poignant quote (30 sec.)


I think this is a good order and covers many of the interesting things I experienced and didn’t know about before. The total length of the video shouldn’t exceed 6 min. – at least that’s what I’m aiming for.


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