Give it some blur

After thinking about alternatives to the black screen I tried out to blur my footage to the extend that there are no contours. I applied the Gaussian blur directly to the clip from where I could adjust the blurriness and the direction of it. I also applied a colour filter to switch it to black and white but colour gave the visual more texture and also if I was to describe things the viewer might still be able to make a reference due to the colour (for example the bright red beside clock).

The blurriness in itself represents the visual impairment, although not in complete darkness, blurriness to this degree is also the reality of many blind people and counts as being blind. In fact Paul said that most blind people perceive ‘something’ and are not in complete darkness, even he in his early years could see contrasts. It also serves as a point of reference that I was there and that this is the interview which is happening, although you can’t see it it is there in front of your eyes. A black screen would somehow ‘blend’ this out and lack to make that reference.

Throughout this little clip I made different adjustments to the blur in Premiere Pro to see to which extend I should go, I do think it is good to still be able to pick up movement but not so much shapes, I also adjusted the darkness/brightness. This is definitely more interesting to look at, yet the viewer will still focus mostly on the audio. In fact it is quite a similar approach to the project my production partner Annie did last year, in the way that the visuals do no reveal much and the viewer is invited to become more of a listener. The voices and opinions definitely stood out more because Annie’s footage wasn’t distracting or giving the viewer images to associate and interpret. I do think that just having a blurred screen and some change of colours and movement needs something ‘special’ still, that I have to find out.


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