The little extra

I was thinking about things I can apply to break up the visuals somehow.. The project is revolving around seeing/sight/vision not just in terms of its content, the interview with a blind person, but I also want this to be represented in the way in which it is made. So I talked to my production partner Annie to discuss this further and she had a great idea! Why not making it as if someone is seeing through their eyes and is blinking, so to create a blinking effect. This I found was an interesting idea and I looked into ways in which I can create this. I browsed through all the video transitions in Premiere Pro to see whether there is already such a thing, like a ‘swipe’ effect but instead from left to right from top to bottom. There was none so I looked further and after looking at various tutorials I found this one which explains it perfectly and was exactly what I was looking for.

It is actually quite straightforward and works mainly with creating two black matte layers and key frames in which these two layers go up and down. I directly tried it out on my test footage I have used previously for the blur effect, the first bit clear, then slightly blurred and the last one very blurred, this is the outcome:

It could be a bit smoother and is just a quick test but it worked and I think this might be an interesting way to add to the theme of ‘sight’ because it is such a simple yet essential reflex we all have and immediately associate with seeing when we look at the footage. I will have to see how it works on a 6 min. clip, but together with the change of colour, the movement and the blinking this could be the final component to bring some ‘action’ into it even it is such a natural effect.


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