Finished video: An afternoon with Paul & Hazel

This is my final video, I am very pleased with the result not just because of all the work that went into it but also because I believe it is a creative approach towards making an informative video piece. Although ‘shot’ like a standard interview situation which could have resulted in a standard ‘documentary’ I believe I managed to connect the content, which is concerned with the experience of blindness and the technical tools helping to make everyday tasks easier, with a visual and technical approach reflecting exactly that. I think it becomes very clear that knowledge is not only gained by seeing and that the audio as well as the textual descriptions are an alternative way of getting to know something or someone. By the end of it I hope my viewer takes away new insights and possibly inspiration to see blindness not as a ‘lack’ of something (although it physically is) but as another way of¬†interacting with the world.



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